Friday, July 22, 2011

What a week/Apple blowout

The last two weeks we have seen some of the best, if not the best earnings reports for major well-known companies. Last week, Google blew the top off, as I expected it would with it's new invention Google+, I myself had to give this a try and I think it is pretty cool, something that could possibly challenge Facebook in the near future. Their Ad revenue and market share in the Android market continues to be strong, showing that the consumer still is spending. I still have long positions in Google and have a price target of $700, though I'd wait for a pullback (5% or so) then load up again. Next good report happened this week, Apple. This was one of the best quarterly reports I have ever seen, not one hint of slowdown for this behemoth of a company. They blew away EPS and revenue, strong tablet growth, sales continue to be very strong. Only concern was their talks of a new CEO successor, because of Jobs health. When we saw the market pullback early last month, Apple broke a key $320 level down to $315, that was when I became bullish, this company has so much cash ($78B) and is basically trading at a discount, P/E then was 12 or 13 compared to average 15. Now at close to $400, the shares are gaining the momentum they need to puch to my price target of $500. Apple will continue to innovate, given Jobs stays healthy enough, though I'm sure their designing team is well aware of the fact and prepared for anything. My Apple longs in my mutual fund continue to do very well, not touching them at all. Have a good weekend everyone, heading out to see the family in Indiana for a few days, I'll try to keep this updated, trade safely!

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