Sunday, July 24, 2011

Out on vacation/Limit down open?

Well couldn't post yesterday, was driving basically all day and saw some family. I only come out to Indiana one time a year for 4-5 days so we are generally very busy hopping from Indy to Bloomington visiting family. Washington appears to be playing one of the best games of chicken I've seen since 1995, though this is definately worse than back then. We are trillions more in debt, Republicans and Democrats need a plan now to act on. They were elected to run our country by the people and if they can't handle big issues such as this, maybe they shouldn't be in office. As of this morning, Boehner, Pelosi and the rest of the Senate/House leaders are trying to get something done, short or long term, before the Asian markets open tomorrow, giving them roughly 12 hrs from when I'm writing this. I'm not too positive on that being done today, leaving for a tanking in Asia, moving to Europe at their open in the wee morning hours in the states. Will we see a limit down pre-market tomorrow? Remember folks, the last time that happened was Fall of '08, you never know...

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