Monday, July 30, 2012

Defending NBC

There has been a debate going on for the past few days about the tape delayed Olympics on NBC. I want to state my position and defend NBC for this reason:

With NBC only having one main news channel and the others business/unrelated (CNBC, MSNBC) which have preference in airing their programs, it would be unfair to focus on just one event to do live. NBC wants to have coverage of all of its events but cannot due to the limited number of channels they have on TV. In saying this, if ABC was to buy the rights to cover the games, having them tape delayed would not be in their best interests because they own more channels (ABC, ABC Family, ESPN, ESPN2, etc.)
Let’s give some credit to NBC as they are doing all they can to please their viewers, the TV coverage may not be great, but social media and the internet are two very important aspects of everyone’s lives for getting news out quickly. Quit complaining and enjoy the games. 

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